Accidental Icon: Simple Pleasures

By the end of 2015 I was reminded of being in labor. Events kept happening so fast I almost did not have time to breathe through them before the next one came. The weight and baggage of these both wonderful and challenging adventures threatened to do me in.. My house had received little or no attention for months and showed it. So for the last four days Calvin and I have been on a tear; re-organizing, de-cluttering and in one word, simplifying our work and common spaces. Once again we can experience the simple pleasure of tidiness. That simple pleasure has made me feel light again.

Part of feeling light for me is to surround myself with the color white. White shirts, white coats, white walls and my newly purchased workspace elements made of white painted steel. I am deliriously happy that the cafe in this picture, Effy's, is bright and white and just opened up not even a block away from where I live. Good coffee, lots of white tiles, lots of light, healthy food (including smoothies) and internet make it a nice alternative to working at home. Sometimes just a quick change of scene can inspire. So this weekend I put on this lovely shirt from Another Garde and a sleeveless white blazer from Nudite and took myself and Calvin out for breakfast in my new home away from home. 

Simple pleasures is my theme for this New Year and I will be on the hunt to find them. For more about the simple pleasures that can be found from wearing garments that exude a modern simplicity like those I am wearing stop by on Wednesday when Details are revealed. 

What is you plan to get pleasure from what you wear this year?

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