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One of the greatest pleasures I have derived from blogging is the way that it has served as a vehicle to meet new and emerging designers. Designers that construct the kind of clothes I love that are timeless yet modern and transcend trends. The use of quality fabrics, minimalist silhouettes, attention to detail and a great appreciation for the pleasure that comes from wearing clothes that are simple yet luxe are hallmarks of their designs. These are garments that pay homage to the woman who wears them as she can always make them her own and they feel beautiful on any body. The two pieces I am showcasing this week realize this notion of simple, luxurious pleasure. 

The white sleeveless blazer I am wearing in the photo above was designed by Cecilia Ng for her brand Nudite. Her on-line shop has a number of beautiful white basics (including shoes below) and a bonus is that she is also having a sale! Cecilia was born and raised in Hong Kong and after studying fashion design and working for some national and international fashion brands, she started her own line in 2013.  For Cecilia, the beauty of the natural is the core of design. Three words that express her brand are simple/nature/purity.

Favoring neutral tones, easy fits and details, Another Garde constructs clothing that is "ageless, modern, fluid and feminine at its core". That description surely fits the shirt I am wearing. The brand's creative director, Soumountha tells me her new definition of luxury and pleasure can be summed up as "Essence not Excess" and "Precious Time". Another Garde is not just a unique brand but is also a platform where one can also find a number of designers who offer clothing and accessories that share the sensibility of the brand. For my readers who are hat lovers, the Boater style below can be worn with long or short hair. Find the Lou Button-up shirt I am wearing on sale at Another Garde's on-line shop.

Accidental Icon Wears

White sleeveless blazer: Nudite, White Shirt: Another Garde, Black Wool Pants: A. Friend, Suede Booties: Sigerson Morrison, Earrings: Monies.

What's your version of simple luxury?

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