In a time when everything becomes undone the wisest investment strategy is to diversify. Whether it is in relation to the economy, the political landscape, the future of retail, see now/buy now or even investing in your wardrobe, the conventional wisdom is to spread the risk (and reap the benefits) across as many options as you can. I once again marvel at what an incredible though scary (for some) time we are in for fashion. The more I read, the more I see that those who seem to be garnering the most success are diversifying. There is the development of transitory but interesting real time brick and mortar experiences, there is e-commerce, social media (you can even make purchases from Pinterest now) and content is being consumed and acted upon more eagerly when it is developed thoughtfully by influencers rather than slick advertisers and marketers. As an example, rather than ask me to run a banner, Vestaire Collective gave me a budget to pull together some items from their giant closet to create a look that I could make uniquely mine and tell my own story about. 

I currently find myself running into the thick of it and working with other women (and men) on some of the most exciting events and projects. They span collaborating on capsule collections, thinking about book proposals, creating videos and editorials and participating in live performance like events. Yesterday I sat at a jeweler's bench and hammered a piece that will become a mold to make part of a an exclusive piece of jewelry. These projects pull on every creative bone in my body and animate the sense of aliveness you see in my photo.

I have been diversifying my wardrobe for Fall, adding color (blue), texture (velvet) and mixing new items (my Frye boots) with old (a recycled Givenchy blouse). I am mixing high end (YSL belt) with a bit of high street (leather jacket) and wearing more sculptural and precious jewelry. I have made a few vintage purchases that are romantic and baroque and have been given brand new, beautifully crafted pieces from some of the emerging designers I have been working and having relationships with. Thinking about what I am wearing this Fall has become a full-time adventure!

Accidental Icon Wears:

Jeans: Levi 501, YSL Belt, Givenchy shirt and Lawrence Dolige bag: Vestaire Collective, Earrings and Rings: Elena Kriegner, Boots: Frye and Jacket: Topshop. 

How can you make what you wear this Fall a full time adventure and what pet project could make you feel alive?


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