The Night (and My Face) Feel Young


In my “About” page I lay out characteristics of the “Woman Who” or the kind of woman who might find my blog and my approach to life of interest.  I remember that the “Woman Who” has the integrity to identify and hold opposing views and tensions until something new and perhaps rather wonderful emerges. She has a brain that understands both sides of an issue, multiple perceptions and the complexity of human nature. This woman can have a body that moves through the cycles of life and be both/and at any time. This woman is always old and young. In order to “perform” or realize this state, the “Woman Who” chooses garments, and I would suggest, any product in the world of fashion and beauty that allow her to be the self she is and the self she is always becoming. It means accepting what is with grace yet applying your intelligence, wit, curiosity and experience to making it something more than it is, something that is the best it can be, healthier and more effective. I have been sharing stories of other women I am meeting who are joined in the goal of achieving this state.

Recently, I received an invitation to attend a breakfast by a skincare brand called True Botanicals. I did my research and found there was an interesting story, some female protagonists involved and they were talking about science, presenting research and had outcomes supported by data.  Since this clearly spoke to both of my “hats”, I decided to attend.  Aside from my grandmother’s admonition to wash and moisturize, I have never had much of a consistent skincare regimen. I must confess that I have been skeptical of skincare products for a long time now.  The messaging of most seems to suggest that the world is in a giant conspiracy against aging and if you are doing it, it is something you must stop immediately. But perhaps ethically worst of all, most contain toxins and never deliver on the promises they make to those who feel like naughty girls because their face is doing something that all faces do since the beginning of time…get older.

So I think that what distinguishes my review of this brand is that I am on my way to becoming green. I am in motion about it. I am not a committed activist…yet. I have tried organic and natural skincare products but really did not notice much of a change, so returned to status quo. I have made the most progress in really making sure I am eating whole and organic foods because my body feels better. I am looking to designers who are using organic and natural fabrics because they feel better against my skin. I am getting more curious about supply chains because as I delve deeper into neuroscience our transactions with our environments are rather powerful and impactful. So let me say, I am not on a mission yet, I am exploring. Quite frankly I am an outcome oriented person; I want something that works.

So for several weeks now I have been using the gifts I received at the breakfast. To be specific: Radiance Oil, Vitamin C Booster and Renew Cellular Repair Serum. First, all plant based, the products smell like a walk in the woods when wildflowers are in full bloom. Second, I have never felt such a light and delicate touch on my face, especially when it comes to an oil. Third, I feel my skin just accepting it fully and drinking it in, in other words no residue and quick absorption. But best of all my skin is glowing, smooth and hydrated in a way it has never been before. This product does not propose to take something away, but it does make what you have be the best it can be. Like all good things in life it is expensive but in my approach to luxury I think it better to invest in one or two good artisanal items or collector garments than to spend money on things you will not value in the near future and that do not have lasting value. You can also get samples and travel size before you invest.

Last but not least, the website for True Botanicals provides an engaging and relationship based user experience complete with a screening tool that allows them to recommend products specifically for you, videos on how to apply the products and details about the botanicals used and what they do. Now more than ever I want things touching me and people around me who are healthy, gentle and life affirming and that includes what I put on my skin. Oh and by the way, absolutely no retouching on my photos so you can see for yourself!

What products do you use when you want to feel healthy, radiant and self-accepting?








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