Mundane Moments

Since last Wednesday I have been on holiday from University. By the end of day Tuesday, I could feel that the exhaustion that has been creeping into my bones for the last several months had now filled every crevice of my body. I re-scheduled a work engagement I had scheduled for Friday. I made a vow that for this long holiday weekend I would live the life of the “Woman Who”, a woman with an ordinary but interesting life. I would wear only jeans and warm sweaters. The Icon would be put away for a few days. Here are some excerpts highlighting some of my mundane moments and the joy of everyday pleasure.


Slept in which for me was getting up at 7:00 AM. Time for a leisurely coffee and a catch-up on some reading. Did not think too much about dressing and wore some Levi’s, a warm sweater and the beautiful new scarf I was given during an afternoon tea with a lovely artist, Michelle Cherian. Met a new friend visiting from London for lunch in a restaurant I have never been to before (I live for going to places I have never been to before) It was cozy, warm and rustic which felt extra special because the day was blustery and cold. Had the best veggie burger I ever had and although tempted did not eat all my fries. Spent two hours walking around the city for no other purpose than just to walk. Met another friend who I am working with but we talked about making soup in the winter and being more like sisters than we talked about work. An early night in.


Slept in again and traveled to the “burbs” where my brother has a lovely place with a large fireplace and big comfy couches. Being tired himself he decided to cater the feast which provided an easy serve and clean-up. This meant I could spend an hour under a comfortable comforter with my mother taking a nap with my head on her shoulder. Another day wearing jeans, a black cashmere turtleneck and low heeled, nostalgic,  Frye boots. I had the time to text or message a huge amount of friends and relatives I wanted to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to.


A found day with no agenda except to buy a new computer and make weekend appointments for a haircut, manicure, pedicure and a massage. Surprisingly the city was quiet and not crowded, except near department stores and so I walked (bliss) off the beaten track to Dover Street Market to take a peek at the sales. It was actually rather warm so I walked downtown. I ended the day at the newest Apple store on Madison Avenue ( a beautiful building that used to be a bank) where I met a delightful person who helped me find the right computer that has the capacity to grow with me into the next phase of my project.  Best of all I brought with me the most perfect bag to carry it in as well as all my other work and beauty essentials given to me by Natasha O'Farrell. 


Went with Calvin to a local coffee shop (wearing jeans, a white shirt and black cardigan) to set up my new computer and to access my new suite of Adobe products that means a big learning curve but will allow me to nurture and expand my creative capacity. Of course he always has his camera so even though we were not officially shooting he took some shots anyway. Afternoon spent in massage heaven with a new bold color on my fingers and toes. I went to my favorite bookstores to browse and found a book about how to start an independent magazine. A big bowl of soup for dinner and quality time with Calvin (sans camera).


Up and out for a haircut and then plans for an outing to Brooklyn. Jeans, black sweater and asymmetrical wool coat given to me by Ceci. A sunny day so I am adding my new Celine blue (yes that is right) sunglasses courtesy of OPTYX. A great reunion with my hair stylist Jun who has been away traveling in Europe and home to Japan. Calvin and camera meet me and we head off to Fort Greene where we are going to the flea market and the food stalls there for lunch. Had the best Shanghai Street Food sandwich and watching it being made was almost as good as eating it. We walked around Boerum Hill and wandered into stores filled with the luxuriousness of artisanal products. I found just the right satin shirt (no one else will have it) and made my one and only purchase during this cult shopping weekend.

Are you bored? I wasn’t and feel like I had a week at the spa. Life is good. Details on my bag, coat, scarf,  glasses and a special for you on Wednesday.

What were  mundane moments that made you feel like you went to a spa this holiday weekend? 



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