Wishing For Here Not Away

The semester ended yesterday and my grades are in and done. I look forward as always to my break and this year it feels like I really need one more than ever. I have been focused on the coming of this day. I find myself challenged with the desire to wish time away to be free of one kind of work so I can enjoy and be able to do another. Where I spend my days writing about, thinking about and performing fashion. The problem of course with that notion is that life is passing with dizzying speed and it is not the best time in life to not be savoring each and every moment. I can look back over the past year at all of the photographs that have been taken of me, the stories I wrote and I see many fleeting moments. I play at Instagram stories; videos, photos and writing that document life and then disappear in a day. These activities in reflection all allude to the passage of time. The nature of life.

The last several days in response, I have found myself drawn to articles and photographs that showcase slow fashion, businesses entirely created around the production of one singularly well-crafted object and stories of makers who are ensuring that what they do is for the greater good in a way that also allows them to live well. I find myself saying no to many more opportunities and choosing ones that offer an experience rather than just a payment. Rather than indulging in comfort food I want to indulge in comfort dressing. I choose to enter a vintage store rather than modern boutique. I found myself pulled towards a striped silk robe that I want to wear on Christmas day with comfortable pants. I feel a great desire to slow down (a challenging task this week when I still have some gifts to choose and wrap and a side dish to identify and cook). My task over this break will figure out how to be in the break and the new semester and not keep wishing for summer vacation. 

Part of slowing down is to spend more time on researching and being thoughtful about what I write. I thought it would be fun since you are so creative and inspiring in your comments and responses to ask you what you would like to see me write about when it comes to “thinking about fashion”. Remember the topic can be anything as long as there is a garment involved that will inform my research and help tell the story. This will inspire my creative direction for the photos. I know everyone is busy this time of year but in one of your slowing down moments it would be wonderful to hear what you would like to know more about. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

BTW in the photo above I am wearing a silk pajama top from Chikimiki and overalls by Yohji Yamamoto. 

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