Accidental Icon: Details A Bout of the Blues

There are times when I might need something more than black or white to express a mood or make a point. When that happens my go-to colors are pops of red and/or blue. The darker the blue the better. Midnight blue offers a subtle shift away from black and combining the two feels comforting to me when I am feeling a little bruised and pushed around by stress. Just like singing the "blues" in music, wearing the "blues" allows me to express what is sometimes not satisfyingly expressible through words, like the vagueness of the ambivalent letdown after a big event or the loss of something dear and old when it is replaced by something new and exciting. 

For more inspiration about what to wear when you are having a "bout of the blues", see my Pinterest Board: Accidental Icon Has A Bout of the Blues.

Accidental Icon Wears:

Denim Jacket: CDG, Black Boyfriend Jeans: Frame Denim, Black Cotton Shirt: Sharon Wauchob, Black Oxfords: Jil Sander, Black Leather Ruffled Bag: CDG 

Do your clothes ever help you express the "inexpressible?"

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