Accidental: A Bird's Eye View

A bird’s-eye view is an elevated view of an object from above, with a perspective as though the observer were a bird, often used in the making of blueprints, floor plans and maps.
— Wikipedia

For the last few weeks I have been feeling "in the weeds". This is actually a term used in the restaurant business when a waiter or waitress becomes overwhelmed and is serving too many people at once. I remember the feeling vividly from when I worked as a waitress during summers in college. Although this employment occurred in Newport, R. I. where everything was oh so civilized, there were always times when for whatever reason, often unpredictable, the restaurant would fill up and you had to go from leisurely to slammed in a matter of moments. I was moving into this new semester enjoying the ambiance. I had ample time for class preparation and for Accidental Icon all worked out in my calendar. All of a sudden it felt like I was running around with 10 heavy plates stacked up each arm and I could hear the head waiter in my head reminding me to maintain my composure.

I have yet to accommodate myself to the avalanche of new opportunities a fashion week can bring whilst grading papers, attending committee meetings, pulling off fashion shows and panels. However I am like a greedy customer in the restaurant where I serve; I want to sample every dish and find it hard to choose when everything on the menu is so appealing. However, I also know that too much impulsive sampling can have unpleasant consequences and so I have decided to step back, step up and take a "bird's eye view" of fashion.

One of the great things about reinventing yourself when you are already established in another career is that you can afford the time to step back and take stock. Ask yourself questions like, "Of all the things I have been doing in fashion what have I enjoyed the most?". I find myself returning to the activities I did before starting the blog; reading, researching, integrating and synthesizing. I am starting to see the vague outlines of a map. One that is traced in pencil so if unanticipated attractions come up, I can take a detour.  

Of all the things I do in fashion, which do you, my readers, enjoy the most?

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