You might be surprised to know that there are times I can identify with the currently beleaguered Kanye West. Like me he is trying to reinvent himself in the world of fashion after being successful in another career. He has a deep desire to express his creativity in a different forum. As do I, Kanye understands that fashion is a method through which one can convey anger, pride, joy, yearning, desire, grandiosity, vulnerability and frustration. It can express the person you currently are and the person you aspire to.

His recent fashion spectacle played out in Madison Square Garden showed how fashion can continue to be used as platform to say something about our current culture, as historically streetwear has. His collaboration with Vanessa Beecroft is indicative as the artist is known for her work setting up live performances that reference the political, historical and social context within which the models “perform”.  Her work often “disturbs” as it is intended to. Whether you like the clothes or not, this performance touched a collective nerve. Though my “arena” is much smaller than Madison Square Garden, I am inspired by Kanye to think of my own platform as a performance space, a space where something evocative, something provocative, can occur.

Accidental Icon Wears:

Black Mesh Hoodie: Prada, Black Drop Crotch Pants: Prada, Black Wingtip Oxfords: Italy

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