This week I have been obsessed with with Miucca Prada’s A/W 2016 Collection. Every time I look at photos or videos of this collection I see, hear and think something new and intriguing. I could look at the details endlessly. Perhaps what is so captivating for me is that these are clothes for women who are traveling. There are gloves, keys, diaries, corsets, details that make me remember traveling through the night(life) in search of secrets and desire.  Capes, warm woolens, clunky boots and sandals with socks mean you will stay warm and be ready for anything. You are sexy but protected and strong. There were many different performances of femininity during this show and as Miucca Prada maintains, women have many facets. They must be “mothers, lovers, workers, daughters and sisters-perhaps most importantly they are supposed to be beautiful”.

I feel that I am traveling through the night(life) perhaps because I am once again chasing new desires and searching for secrets. My body feels tired like a morning after, though I also feel kind of beautiful. This weekend when having a moment of time and space, I was overcome with longing. I felt feverish and lit up by an illumination. I am traveling now too, picking up flowers that tangle in my boot strings along the way. One of the artists who sang on the music track for the Prada show is one of my favorite “iconic girls”, PJ Harvey. Those of you who have been long time followers will remember the post I wrote about her. During the show, Harvey sings of traveling through “hell and high water” to get to where she wants to go. Once again being confronted with the incredible power of fashion to tell compelling stories and evoke powerful emotions makes me know I am traveling the right road, even though at times I am walking in the dark.

What do you wear when you travel through the nights of your life?