Accidental Icon: Details Conceptual Fashion as Articulation

I break the idea of clothes...Nothing new can come from a situation that involves being free or that doesn’t involve suffering”
— Rei Kawakubo

Conceptual Fashion uses the body as a site for communication. Postmodern philosophers like Foucault maintain that the body is inscribed with cultural and gender meanings and becomes a text that tells the story of the social context that the body is constructed in. This process not only shapes the body but in many cases disciplines it as well, for example, what bodies are considered to be objects of beauty. Some conceptual designers have understood this and use fashion and clothes to disrupt dominant discourses and narratives about the female body. The process and designs of Rei Kawakubo most embody these ideas for me.  Whether it is lipstick painted on the side of a mouth or parodies of beauty ideals manifested by sewing pillows into slips, pockets and linings creating disfiguring lumps, she disruptively writes new stories about bodies through her conceptual designs. For her the design process never starts or finishes, she is inspired through the mere act of living her daily life.

I have been spending my in-between free moments wondering where Accidental Icon might go. Increasing opportunities and solicitations offer me moments to reflect more on her developing identity. Somehow I resist having an end game and know what's right or not. I take my cue from one of my favorite designers: let me perform my daily life and see what emerges.

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Accidental Icon Wears:

Coat: Nika Tang, Wool Pin Striped Dress: CDG, Boots: Marsell, Necklace: Efva Attling

Do you ever use clothes as a way to "disrupt?"

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