Accidental Icon: Details Night Traveler

The notion of streetwear lingered in my conciousness as I moved into the week and influenced the way I styled my journey through the night (life). Like fragments from a dream, memories of the Prada show came in and out bringing bursts of pleasure and inspiration. I am enthralled with images and text and envision a belt or soft corset with notebooks and beautiful pens hanging at the ready to capture moments of sighs and bubbles of ideas. This is the first time that I experience one post finishing yet forming another, a rather new kind of coherence. As I am traveling with the blog it feels like I am on one of the moving walkways in an airport. I want to let go and let something else move me forward. My visions are beginning to exceed my skill and that means time for new learning, Photoshop? Images of pieces of clothing are taking shape in my brain like a Polaroid photo emerging, a new kind of collaboration perhaps?

When I travel through the night(life) as I am older, I feel a need for greater protections and of course this need is always met by the Japanese. The flowers in my boots are a nod to Ashish, one of the designers I wore in my shoot for Grey Magazine (the famous "I am having a shit day" sequined shirt). Recently when doing photo shoots where I am styled by others, I have had to wear sunglasses that are not my prescription beauties by The Optical Boutique and have found it challenging to relax when I cannot see. So I now have some contacts and in celebration bought myself a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses. The stylish young man helping me in Barney's declared they were SICK.

So this is the way one woman who wears Japanese designers, needs protection,  loves references and adores sunglasses does streetwear for traveling through the night(life).

Accidental Icon Wears

Black Leather and Grey Wool Coat: CDG, Pants/Skirt: Issey Miyake, Top: Torn by Ronny Kobo, Moto Boots: Schutz, Sunglasses: Karen Walker.

BTW For your viewing pleasure, a Prada video of the AW 2016 collection

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