Accidental Icon: Re(imagining)

As always when wearing jeans and something I consider hip, like this jacket, I feel nostalgic for those wild, heady days when I was a rebellious youth. I have to be honest and say thanks to a small, discrete tattoo from a long time ago, I am forever marked with the tag "rebel". One of the delights of that time was the feeling that anything was possible and given my penchant for "performance" I imagined many different lives for myself. Changes could be made to the interior and to the exterior. Some of them happened, some of them did not. Nostalgia for me is only useful when it can creatively become an inspiration for my actions today, so moving on...

What is potent about today is that I once again feel intoxicated by life. Today the process is not imagining but rather re(imagining). Re(imagining) is not starting from the beginning but rather reinterpreting, forming a new conception of, thinking in a new way. Perhaps I need to do more re(imagining) before I move on to re(inventing). The jacket I wear is the product of a designer's re(imagining) of a souvenir that appeared at the exact time I was born. Such a personal inspiration of how when one re-visits the old with wonder, respect and imagination, a stunningly modern product can be produced. An example of how clothing (like bodies) becomes marked in ways that hold great meaning for those who care to look closely. The designer had to first re(imagine) before he could re(invent).

I have been spending time musing and writing about how I might re(invent) my work life. I have been using fashion and clothing to experiment and perform. The city has been mise en scène as I perform and photograph my daily life traveling through it. Recently I have been re(imagining) what kind of space would allow me to perform this life I have started to live through my clothing. What kind of place would let the city come in and would give me the freedom to do what I like? What spaces would support a life where home and work re(combine)? What props and objects of beauty would I need for my various performances?  Where shall I move? Where shall I travel? Ah, such delicious questions for a Sunday afternoon.

What are you re(imagining) and re(visiting) right now?