Accidental Icon: Re(Imagining) A Story Told With Antique Rugs

In recent posts I write about the delicious pastime of re(imagining). When I embark in this activity it often means going to places that stimulate my imagination, captivate all of my senses and in the words of my affective barometer: takes my breath away. Some of my re(imagining) journeys have taken me to museums, art galleries, perfumeries, ateliers, architectural wonders, bookstores, installations, botanical gardens, teahouses, vintage shows, antique fairs, cafes and quiet contemplative spaces like the Rubin Museum or the Cloisters. If you want the experience of all of the above but have time for only one stop in New York City during the month of April, I suggest you visit “the living magazine and interactive museum”, called ABC Carpet and Home.

Just like my clothes, the objects I want for my home must be timeless, collectible and living expressions of a designer’s creativity and craftsmanship. Partial to more open industrial spaces in my re(imaginings), I am in search of a piece that creates a center and brings warmth and color into my home. One I can engage with the way I do with my clothes. I imagine a rug with a bold, saturated palette that has the capacity to express dreams, cultural beliefs, identity, artistry and tell forgotten stories yet can help me tell mine. While interacting with the glorious one of a kind creations featured this month in the ABC Carpet and Home Antique Rug Sale, I find myself turned back to past times and other places yet feel fully present in my modern city and life. My re(imagining) becomes realized. There is something so thrilling about the juxtaposition of the old and the new that it leaves me breathless.

Come see these extraordinary carpets and let your imagination take flight at the April Antique Rug Sale, ABC Carpet and Home, 888 Broadway, 6th Floor, NY, NY 10003. Not in New York? Be transported by going to ABC Carpet and Home April Antique Rug Sale. Get breathless.

What makes you breathless?

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