Accidental Icon: Details About What I Wore To Get Breathless

Wind doesn’t have any shape. It comes from nothing - it’s similar to fashion,
— Issey Miyake

So how do you decide what to wear when you know you are going to be on a windy rooftop having the delicious pleasure of running across antique rugs in your bare feet? Well the first thing you do is find the time in your crazy schedule to get a pedicure and pick a polish color that will compliment the color palette. I choose a deep crimson, which I probably would have chosen no matter what the palette because I love it on my toes. I wore a crimson lipstick too as a departure from the brighter red I have been wearing lately.

As for clothing choices I was hoping for a blue sky and so I dug out a dress from a Japanese designer with ruffles that remind me of the color of the sky, wings and movement. By the way, this dress can become a shirt because the skirt buttons on and is detachable. In order to keep my silhouette balanced I added a long pleated skirt. You may notice that my black vintage earrings also reference birds. The signature piece is a vintage Miyake Wind Coat from the 1980's, perfectly suited to the context.

Accidental Icon Wears

Black Polished Cotton Wind Coat: Issey Miyake, Blue Cotton Dress with Detachable Skirt: Sunao Kuwahara, Long Black Pleated Cotton Skirt: Peachoo + Krejberg, Antique Rugs: ABC Carpet and Home, Toes are mine.

For more Miyake Wind Coats see my Pinterest board Accidental Icon Loves Miyake Wind Coats

What do you wear to get breathless?

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