Accidental Icon: The Comfort of An Ordinary Day

I think it is fair to say that it has become a rare gift when I have a day where I don’t have to do something. A day when I do only what I want to.  I have come to appreciate the comfort of an ordinary day. The wonderful feeling of opening my calendar and finding it empty. One I can fill with whatever ordinary pleasures I desire.

This weekend I had such a day. I got up when I wanted to, I did not look at social media, grade any papers, do any chores, send any emails, make any phone calls, do any caregiving or think about what I would wear. I did make a delicious smoothie for breakfast, take my dog for a walk in the sun and made a plan to have dinner with good friends visiting from out of town. We decided to eat in our neighborhood so we did not have to hop on a subway or jump into a cab.

I did dress in comfortable clothes, wore my favorite earrings, carried a soft bag and Calvin and I decided to leave early for dinner. We had camera in hand to take a few photos for my Monday blog post and the attitude that if we got some good shots fine, if not we’d figure it out. We did not have to rush to be on time. We had comfort food for dinner, basked in the company of a compatible couple, laughed and made plans for a summer adventure. Despite a crowd waiting at the door, the restaurant staff left us alone, clearly seeing that we were savoring our time together as much as the food. Calvin and I held hands as we walked home feeling the warmth of a spring that has finally come and gratitude for the wonderful people that we have in our lives. What a gift, the comfort of an ordinary day.

What are your “ordinary” pleasures?

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