Accidental Icon: Details The Comfort of an Ordinary Day

Super comfort on an ordinary day means stealing your partners oversized shirt with long cuffs that require cuff links and letting them fall over your wrists and hands. It means you get to tuck one end inside your pants in a sloppy way. Essential  to the look is the wearing of your favorite pair of really super soft and broken in jeans. Because this year you discovered you are deliriously in love with sneakers you wear a new leather pair. Yet because you are you, there is a Chanel bag involved. A black blazer with a little more length adds the necessary element of cool. The sunglasses, well as my students say about something that is beyond cool…those are sick.

Accidental Icon Wears

White Mens Shirt: Ted Baker, Black Light Wool Blazer: Y's, Boyfriend Jeans: Paige, Bag: Chanel Resort, Black Leather Sneakers: Diesel, Sunglasses: Karen Walker. 

For more ordinary and comfortable looks see my Pinterest board: Accidental Icon Loves Comfort Dressing.

What's your idea of comfort dressing?


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