Accidental Icon: Just a Suggestion

Today begins the last week of the semester. That means papers to grade and goodbyes to be said to my students who are graduating. The professional landscape they are entering is fluid and changing because of technology and the disintegrating boundaries of how one defines work. These newly minted professionals are simultaneously excited yet scared about the enormity of possibility. This year for the first time in a very long time I can relate to these feelings. After many years of feeling at the top of my game, this last semester in particular I have encountered new opportunities in a different arena that meant different kinds of decisions to make, different kinds of boundaries to maintain, different ethical questions to answer, different fears to overcome and different kinds of risks and benefits and to analyze. Often feeling like a neophyte, I have "played it by ear". So far, no major missteps or mistakes, nothing I regret. 

I am looking forward now to the upcoming break, having the time to review, daydream and envision. First order of business a real vacation. Next, in order to get to the top of this game, I need to push the limits of the technology skills I have now so perhaps a course or two. Even better, some long sessions with a smart, tech savvy intern. I have ideas for editorials, some writing projects and maybe even a book. I want to make my blog look more like a magazine. These ideas are still shadow-like, not fully formed, just a suggestion. Unlike my current and previous careers where much of what I do/did and is/was circumscribed by others, what this new project becomes is entirely up to me. I have been passive thus far, waiting for things to come to me, partly because I did not know what to ask for or what to pitch. Partly because of fear. As I tell my graduates that these feelings of anticipation and trepidation are just the right feelings to have in their situation, my words ring in my own ears too.

What makes you simultaneously scared and excited?


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