It is always a question when dressing about just how much of a suggestion you might want to make. I love the lightness of sheers especially after a winter of wearing clothing and coats that are heavy. After a long enough time they begin to create a kind of heaviness of mood. I am more than ready to cast off the coats and the mood. When Spring comes the feeling I want is weightless. The light touch of the sun on your skin and wearing just a sweater or light jacket feels so freeing and I have the sensation of floating. Everything lifts.

The lightest of all fabrics is a sheer. Sometimes when wearing a sheer I just do not want to put on a camisole or shirt underneath and that raises the questions of just how much of a suggestion I make. What I like about this outfit is the long vest. Unless you wish to reveal or a spring gust of wind takes you off guard you can wear a sheer shirt without layering to interfere with the feeling of wearing not much at all.  Because of the way the vest drapes from the shoulder it floats around my body rather than laying against it. These backless suede mules are a step towards summer sandals.

Accidental Icon Wears

Long vest: Schai, Sheer Printed Shirt: Burberry, Black Jeans: Paige Denim, Suede Mules: Gucci

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How do you decide just how much you might suggest?