First let me say sorry for the late post, the week got away from me. Better late than ever, I reassure myself.

So as promised more details about sample sales. I have learned that apparently it is rather hard to find a “true” sample sale. That is a sample sale that only has samples. Most sales advertised as “sample” now carry overstock that the brands have not been able to sell. Both items are discounted but you want to make sure you know the difference so you know what you are getting.

Sample sales are often in spaces that are off the beaten track like an office or a room in a warehouse or event space. Not only do you have to have a system in placed to know when the sample sales are but it is also critical to have the exact address and floor numbers. Other sample sale idiosyncrasies include not having dressing rooms, paying in cash only and depending on the brand, lines and timing. As you can see in the above photos I am trying on clothes over my clothes. I have seen both men and women strip down to their underwear at sample sales. I am not there yet!

The rule of thumb about lines is if you want the best picks it is worth going early and getting a good spot in line or waiting until the very last hours of the sale (usually 2-3 days) and getting the best bargains. Last year I found out there was an Issey Miyake sample sale which I understand is a very rare occurrence and for that one it was worth waiting on line for an hour the first day. This Saturday I scored two beautiful sheer shirts from BLK DENIM and a great pair of red shoes from Miista. I had a fun interview with Miista last August.

If you live in New York you can keep up with sample sales by following these sites:

Sample Sally


If you don’t live in New York there are some  sites that do on-line sample sales


The Outnet

The Haute Look

Accidental Icon Wears

Skinny Jeans: AG Jeans, White Sheer Top: BLK DENIM, T-shirt: CDG Play, Coat: Lemaire for Uniqlo, Sneakers: CDG Play, Bag: Longchamp.

What was your best score at a sample sale?