As I have written here before I am a big fan of slouchy silhouettes. Whether it is sleeves that fall way over my hands or pants that pool up at my feet I am loving the feeling I get when I get slouchy. There is a kind of stealth in slouchy, especially when it comes to street wear. There is a comfort and ease in slouchy. There is a feeling of strength in slouchy that is especially evident in the outerwear silhouettes that will be appearing this Fall.  There is a freedom of movement in slouchy. There is a sense of no limits in slouchy as your body is not confined by its cover. As I have reported here before, slouchy streetwear is now a luxury item.

Right now the cocoon-like nature of slouchy is resonating and inviting. The purpose of a cocoon is to provide protection while you grow. Grow is the operative word. The glorious luxury of time is mine for the next three months. At the end of that time I celebrate the second birthday of Accidental Icon. She will be in the throes of the terrible twos, so expect more rebellion. That part is easy as my granddaughter who just turned two is providing tons of inspiration that just fuels what is already there. There will be lots of exploring and playing and that is where I will be growing. What new toys will I play with? Who will I meet and who will become new playmates? Will I design a new playground? What the next chapter in this reinvention story is has yet to be determined but my slouchy cocoon will protect me while I grow this summer. What will emerge is a surprising unknown even to me.

What do you wear during your “growing seasons?” 

P.S. Sorry for not letting you know that there was no assigned reading this weekend, this time it is the professor who needed an extension!