When I return to the ‘burbs somehow I alway find myself wearing a kind of uniform that marks me as a citizen of the city. I usually choose black, something a little avant garde and something that will make me stand out. On this day I was attending an event taking place in a church so a modicum of respectful dressing was called for. Finally I had to factor into the decision that although it was the first of May, it was rainy and cold.

The light and transparent dress and under slip I am wearing is made from a sustainable fabric and has a whispery drape. The short wool jacket provides me with just the right amount of warmth and sass. The hardware on the boots and the jacket provide the edge and the combination meets my criteria: no one else looks like her but no one can say she looks inappropriate. I just love walking that line.

Accidental Icon Wears

Dress: Eileen Fisher, Jacket: Comme des Garçons, Boots: Acne, Bag: Longchamp