Accidental Icon: A Jewel(er)

Sometime almost two years ago while on one of our urban rambles, Calvin and I discovered a small but exquisite jewelry store on the edges of the Meatpacking District. The jewelry, both silver and gold, was both sculptural and whimsical. The silver and goldsmith had written a thought that went with each piece and one of them caught Calvin’s eye. So a few weeks later on the occasion of our anniversary I received a lovely necklace named “Twosome” which I am wearing above. The piece was nspired by the thought, "One ring is square and one ring is round, like two people with unique personalities that complement each other and become a stronger unit."  I was so taken by the piece and the sentiment that I did some research on the jeweler and thought perhaps at some time I would write a post about her and her work.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago and in the funny way the Instagram universe works, I started to notice someone named Efva Attling was liking my pictures and leaving comments. The name was familiar and when I clicked on the profile I soon realized it was the artist who had designed my necklace and whose story had so captivated me. After she initiated some communicating back and forth I had the great pleasure of meeting her in person during one of her trips to New York. Tall, blond, beautiful, open, talented, full of life, natural, inquisitive, spontaneous and creative, Efva was to my surprise, as curious about me as I was about her. Our conversation ranged from re-invention to marriage to music to design and I told her my anniversary story.

A week later I received an invitation to a special press event in her New York store and she surprised me with an anniversary gift for this year, a bottle of her new perfume; Butterflies. The bottle, exquisitely designed was topped with sculptural butterflies, referencing one of her jewelry collections with the same name. I was told I was the only one in this country who possessed it. It felt like a secret had been shared. It was in this moment I realized her most remarkable characteristic: she has the capacity to make those around her feel extraordinary and unique. Whether it was through her jewelry that becomes more precious and valuable through the addition of her thoughts and words, or her generous and thoughtful gesture, or both, I left feeling a little more special than usual. This jeweler is a jewel herself.

If you are in New York be sure to visit her lovely store at 36 Little W. 12th Street. If you can't visit in person make a visit to Efva's site, it has something for everyone. 

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