Accidental Icon: Details Taking It Off Your Shoulders

Slowly but surely I am crossing  off outstanding items and details that remain from last semester for both of my "jobs". There are still some small things in life that must remain on my shoulders but at least some parts can now be exposed and warmed by the sun. I feel lighter. As you know I have given myself some challenges this summer and as I near the second anniversary of this project called Accidental Icon, I can feel an evolution coming on, nothing sudden, more like a slow reveal. Sort of like the dress I am wearing as a top. 

I think my end goal is some form of on-line magazine but I want to move towards that slowly and organically, almost without a plan as I have done with this blog. Perhaps start with the addition of a different kind of monthly feature. Collaborate more. The essence will remain the same: using fashion as the entry point to thinking about life, culture, design, art, history and technology. A minimalist design in look and orientation. In a recent interview when someone asked what fashion meant to me, I realized  that it is as important to me as language in that it provides a different way for me to express very complex ideas and identities. It allows my body to speak. So whatever emerges it will be using fashion as the language through which we can have many conversations.

So that being said, I invite you to help me think this through as you have enriched my experience through your many thoughtful, full of cultural complexity and at times humorous commentary. I challenge you to pose questions to me and us that make us take a different view of how this can develop. When discussing this over coffee with the lovely Korean designer friend I have been pictured with on this blog, the question was posed, "What would an on-line magazine look like if Yohji Yamamamoto was the editor?" That question has given me hours of reflection and inspiration. 

I can't wait to hear what you have to say. Knowing you are with me on this takes even a little more off my shoulders.

Accidental Icon Wears:

Poplin Off-the Shoulder Dress: Tibi, Black polished cotton pants: Y's, Sandals: Charles Jourdan, Silver Hoop Earrings: Robert Lee Morris, Necklace: Efva Attling, Bag: St. Laurent, Sunglasses: Miu Miu

If you want to know how to take more "off  your shoulders" see my Pinterest Board, Accidental Icon Loves Shoulders

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