Accidental Icon: Details Summer Florals

So many people have asked where I got the "summer floral" shirt I wore on the post earlier this week. So remember when I did my post on sample sales? Well look what I found at the bottom of the box at a BLK Denim sample sale. Next step was trying it for size and to make sure the print was not too overwhelming for me.

For a fraction, and I mean a fraction of the original retail price I got myself a floral I could bear wearing and have been waiting to break it out. For me the fun is digging deep into those boxes and finding something wonderful. So those are the details on what I am wearing this week.

So I tried to expand my horizons and see what other summer florals might be interesting and might lead to some experimentation and posted them on my Pinterest board: Accidental Icon Sort of Loves Summer Florals.

Did you ever find something wonderful to wear at the bottom of a box?

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