Accidental Icon:What To Wear To a Social Welfare Event

Last week I was on my way to Chicago for three days to participate in an annual meeting related to one of my social welfare activities, in this case child welfare. Generally you are holed up in a hotel near the airport for the entire time, usually starting at 7:30 AM and lasting all day. Fortunately this particular meeting is a favorite. I love the people I have met from all across the country through this project and I always feel excited to see them and catch up in person.

It is challenging to know what to pack as the temperature can be variable inside and outside of the hotel. Usually the room we meet in gets very cold so a jacket is always a must. Since we are in the room a long time comfort is also a requirement. This year my clothing choice was made easier as I had been sent this beautiful tropical wool suit by Zady. Zady is an e-commerce site that seeks to support sustainable design and promote transparency in the fashion industry. 

Not just an e-commerce site, Zady tells stories. It tells you the story of where your clothes come from and how they got to you. It tells you stories about the history of the piece, the textiles it is made of and the place of the garment in fashion history. You get so much more than just the price when you click on a garment you like. As an example follow this link to find out about my navy blazer. So for those of us who like to "think" about fashion, Zady is the perfect supplemental reading.

Some of you may know that along with my student intern, I produced a sustainable fashion show and panel at my university last semester. Spending time with designers and others in the fashion industry committed to this goal was an enlightening experience. Although many of my clothes are recycled and I knew something about sustainable fashion, I was particularly interested in hearing how it was being used as a vehicle to address social welfare; not only through the focus on the environment but I also discovered that sustainable fashion was being used as a tool for the alleviation of poverty for women and children, for the achievement of fair wages and healthy working conditions and as a movement to preserve and support local craftspeople and artisans. Somehow it felt really right to wear my navy suit from Zady to a meeting where the goal of everyone attending is to improve the well-being and life chances of children and families. I had also been thinking I wanted to try some navy for the summer to relieve a bit of the black and I think it suits me, no pun intended.

Do you think about the implications of the clothes you wear?



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