Accidental Icon: Details What to Wear

I am a lover of shoes. I do like some height as contrary to what my photos may sometimes suggest I am rather short. When traveling comfort and balance are imperative as I may find myself in a situation where I am lugging my luggage up some stairs or hoisting it into the overhead compartment on a plane. These shoes are not only cool, unique and modern they are also amazingly comfortable. These were a Dover Street Market find and one reason among the many that makes me love that place is  because I am always finding out about new designers. These shoes are by a Chinese designer, Xiao Li.  Born in China and educated in London, she also designs clothing characterized by billowing silhouettes in lovely pastels.  Since there was so much interest in the shoes I thought I's offer a closer look.

Accidental Icon Wears

Relaxed Navy Blazer: Zady, Navy Wear Anywhere Pant: Zady, Slim Button Voile Shirt: Zady, Shoes: Xiao Li, Sunglasses: Ferragamo.

For more summer shoes and looks from Xiao Li see my Pinterest Board: Accidental Icon Loves Summer Shoes (and Xiao Li

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