Accidental Icon: Details Stepping Stones

It is always tricky in the heat when you are a "layerer" like me, to construct your look in a way that allows you to remain cool and not be overdressed. So for me this summer that has meant really embracing sheers and sometimes wearing lighter pastels. I confess I like it and have been feeling rather feminine and soft as a result. I have even been flirting with some prints, plunging necklines and colors and have been keeping a much more open mind when browsing through the summer sales. I find almost like a robot I am programmed to seek out the black and white items on the rack. It is almost like the automatic pilot that takes me back and forth to work. It happens without thinking. Now I need to challenge myself, become more self-aware and expand my range. Let's see what I can pull of while remaining true to my "brand".

Accidental Icon Wears:

Lavender/grey skirt: Ann Demeulemeester, White sleeveless sheer and mesh tunic: BLK Denim, Sheer off-white cardigan: Yohji Yamamoto, Off-white shoes: Yohji Yamamoto, Sunglasses: Prada

What are your summer layering tricks?

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