Accidental Icon: Cross Generation Cool

 Photo By @paigecambelllnden

Photo By @paigecambelllnden

For various reasons we had to make some changes in our vacation itinerary and did not get back until very late Sunday night instead of Saturday. I had a shoot for Oribe early Monday morning and no longer had a day to transition back into the world. I got up early, got some looks together and headed out into the heat. I arrived kind of hot and a little bit tired. I was also anxious because I had to do a Snapchat story and I hadn't fully figured out how to use the app yet. 

However it did not take long once I started interacting with a group of creatives, to get my mojo back and this shoot had the perfect mix of creative energy and no stress attitudes. My really helpful casting person taught me Snapchat in five minutes so I could relax and enjoy the experience. Everyone from the laid back and gracious Oribe team to the talented photographers, videographers and fellow "Grey Fox" of a director hit the perfect note of what I call "casual" professionalism. The make-up artist and stylist were fun to work with and I loved talking to them about their exciting and creative lives and got their feedback about what I am doing with Accidental Icon. I, and my hair, got to meet the incredible James Pecis, hair artist extraordinaire. How many artists in world can get you to channel Tilda Swinton like this? 

I also had the pleasure of hanging with the fabulous YouTube arbiter of beauty and TODAY show stylemaker, Deepica Mutyala with whom I am shown above. Right from the start it was a mutual obsession society. I love this picture because it conveys an important message…attitude, creativity and reinvention have no age limits-on either end of the scale. 

 And are we the coolest or what?

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