Accidental Icon: The Woman Who Gave Me Flowers

Somehow, maybe because of vacation, my body and mind have finally caught up to the fact that  it is summer. Though still busy, I am uncharacteristically relaxed and easy. I am eating organic whole foods and getting just the right amount of exercise. Quite a change from my usual rushing, striding and stomping around the city. When in that space (which is most of the time) my black and white tailored looks feel empowering and serve to give me energy and propel me forward. I am in search of something different to better suit my current mood. Something more amenable to gliding down the sidewalk rather than running. Something that can catch a gentle breeze.

Because of the heat, I have taken to wearing garments that flow and allow the air to circulate between it and my body. My preference is wearing clothing draped in such a way that it allows me to feel a little naked yet modest at the same time. Silks, sheers and chiffons alI move at the languid and unhurried pace that suits and have been my summer go-tos. I have been craving soft colors and flowers against my skin. I want to enter the new semester feeling like a healthy, contained, calm and beautiful woman.

I have been wearing only dresses albeit many black, some white, but even more uncharacteristically, also dresses with floral prints in soft lovely pastels. The woman responsible for changing my mind about prints is the designer, Yeva Don. Introduced by a friend, it took one visit to her lovely studio for me to want to melt right into her beautiful garments. The kaftan in this photo actually changed the way I was experiencing my body; less hard and androgynous and utterly and completely more soft and feminine. I can almost smell the perfume of the flowers. I also love what she named it: Sanctuary. It feels that way to me. 

The best part about Yeva's work is that the pieces are not only timeless, limited editions but are also handmade in Brooklyn from luxurious remnant fabrics. Sustainable design that is luminous and editorial and supports the lifestyle I am striving for. Here are a few of her gorgeous pieces, all available on her site.

Stay tuned for my Wednesday Details Page when I start to introduce some different features. This week's feature is "What's Underneath?"

What's your current mood this summer?






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