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As Accidental Icon rapidly approaches her second year anniversary, I have many decisions to make everyday as my in-box fills with requests for sponsored posts on Instagram and for paid features on my blog. So I thought I might share the standard I use when agreeing or not. Basically I ask myself the question, “Would I wear this, or use this is my everyday life?” More and more I am also asking the question, “How and with what is this product produced?” I don’t agree to feature without knowing the answer to both questions beforehand. I will also let you know when I am compensated for a post so that everything is transparent.

So as part of my plan of offering you some different features here is the introduction to my series on beauty called, “What’s On My Skin”. Similar to “What’s Underneath”, these features will take a closer look at the different elements of putting together your personal style and the building blocks of what goes into making a total look. Of course, always some discussion of what we think and feel about it.

A couple of months ago I was approached by Bite Beauty to feature a lipstick from their Amuse Bouche collection. Bite Beauty is a Toronto-based natural lip care company and you can literally eat their products as they are all food-grade. They sent me two shades, Kale and Thistle. As you may remember, I chose Kale (green) to give myself a creative challenge but you should also know that the taupe shade I have been sporting all summer is called Thistle and I have never used such luxurious, balm like lipstick ever. The pigments are bold, have a creamy matte texture, smell of citrus and are packed with natural oils. The products are handcrafted one at a time in the Toronto factory (click here to see the process it is fascinating) and are made from only natural and organic ingredients.  

Until now, Bite has specialized in lipsticks only but the product I am wearing here is a genius little invention called The Multistick. Basically you can carry in one small stick everything you need to add some color to your lips, eyes and cheeks. It applies like cream and wears like powder and is blendable, breathable and for us girls who love layering can be layered as well. Any of the 18 shades is designed to compliment any skin tone. I was also provided with inspiration to deepen my current love affair with the color pink.

So what you should know here at the end is that I was not paid to do a blog post about Bite (only post a Multistick Instagram) but I love the product so much I wanted to introduce you to it here as well. You can get Bite exclusively at Sephora.

For more of my pink obsessions see my Pinterest board: Accidental Icon Loves Pink



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