Accidental Icon: Tout est Possible

In six days time, Accidental Icon will turn 2 years old. I have to say in recent days I have been behaving very similarly to my two year old granddaughter. We have been running headlong right into adventures trying to learn the contours and explore the geography of the world we are in without always knowing what we are doing. We have had a few bumps and a bruise or two in the process. We have said no more often than yes and we have been testing limits and pushing boundaries; ours and others. We are heady from the thrills a different than everyday life experience can provide. We have been taking a lot of risks; some successes, some failures and had a temper tantrum or two along the way. We have trusted others, we have let go. We have been exhilarated and delirious with joy at each new discovery. We sleep like a rock every night because we spend our days running from one new thing to the next. Our brains are laying down new pathways. We are always ready to head someplace new.

This year there are too many people to thank individually as my circle of friends and supporters across platforms and my life continues to grow and for that I am so grateful. Near and dear to me are what I call my "stable core",  those of you that follow the blog and take time out of your life to comment and share your thoughts with me. You are my inspiration. 

None of this would be possible without the encouragement of my partner and photographer, Calvin and the support of my family, friends and colleagues. I have met so many creative, generous and supportive people in fashion; bloggers, designers, editors, writers, hair stylists, make-up artists, stylists, instagrammers, business persons and photographers and I thank them all for the things they have shared and taught me these past two years. Who knows what can happen in the year ahead as I make use of all these lessons learned?

As the translation of the saying on the wall above says, "anything is possible". 

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