Accidental Icon: Details What's Underneath

When the effect you want to achieve is a "modest" feeling of being naked under a flowing garment, you have to deal with the question of "what's underneath?" You can't attain that feeling if you have to deal with underwires and other materials designed to hold you up and together.

I personally love lace but have shied away from wearing it as underwear because I found it to not always be comfortable. I was also concerned it could not provide me with the support I seem to need. This dress was also very low cut and there was going to be some showing of "what's underneath". 

I was recently contacted by a lingerie brand called Hanky Panky to explore a possible collaboration. Given that I am now more often in situations at photoshoots where I am being dressed by stylists, the universe of people getting a glimpse of my undergarments has expanded. So for the first time I considered experimenting with wearing and posting about lingerie. First I had to think about how to do this tastefully. Second, I did my research about the company and one selling point for me was that a Wall Street Journal article called their product "lace butter". I could also identify with the story of the two co-founders; one with a design degree from Parsons and the other with a Ph.D in social psychology.

The brand has been around for a long time (since 1977) and the first prototype, made of embroidered handkerchiefs, was created as a gift by the designer Gale Epstein, the current President and Creative Director. The recipient, Lida Orzeck is now the CEO and the original design explains the company name "Hanky Panky". The company's values are: made in the USA, sustainability and philanthropy. What's not to love and I felt comfortable accepting their gift.

The brand offers a huge selection of styles and cuts in every imaginable color. For this outfit I chose the Signature Lace Crossover Bralette and the Signature Lace Retro V-Kini, both in Chai. What I loved most was I felt some support but not so much that I felt constrained. I could also be photographed in silhouette and felt really comfortable and not too exposed. Of course given the good/bad girl that I am I also really love the name.

Accidental Icon Wears

Silk Floral Kaftan: Yeva Don, Lingerie in Chai: Hanky Panky, Black Kitten Heel Laced Sandals: Hermes, Sunglasses: Karen Walker, Twosome Ring: Efva Attling 



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