Accidental Icon: Is There an Icon in Your Life?

 Photo Courtesy of Eileen Fisher

Photo Courtesy of Eileen Fisher

This fall, Eileen Fisher released the Fall Icons Collection, a modern update of some of the iconic pieces Eileen has designed over the years. This week the brand also launched a new campaign, "She"s My Icon". By clicking on  this link you can share a story about a woman who inspires you and get the chance to win the Fall Icons Collection. The campaign is also recognizing women who make a difference in their community and I am quite honored to be chosen as one of them for my work as a professor of social work and blogger. Since I am lucky enough to already have some pieces from the collection, I will share my story of an inspirational woman here. The woman who I am currently in awe of, and who inspires me every day, is my incredible daughter.

From the way she provides direction that guides rather than controls the rambunctious antics of her daughter, to her early good morning texts to me and frequent visits to my mother, everything she does is done gracefully, well and with love. She seems born to be a mother, every response is intuitive and just what her child needs. She is far more patient and calm than I ever was. She is smart, has a wicked sense of humor and is clearly her own woman in every sense of the word, including respectfully disagreeing with me and other authority figures (her father or boss) when she feels strongly about something. She is a professional who has dedicated her career to helping all children have access to a level playing field and is loyal and supportive to her friends and colleagues. She is committed to life long learning and growth. She puts her heart and soul in every challenge and task she takes on and often exhibits a wisdom far greater than mine. I trust her to make the right decision all of the time. She is someone I can always go to for sound advice or a good laugh when needed. 

She is a loving wife, a more than considerate daughter and granddaughter, is so much fun to be with and is a just plain good person. My daughter picks out the mushiest cards that always make me cry because they say just the perfect thing and always show just how well she knows me. I feel like no one knows me as well as she does. She loves and accepts my good parts and not so good parts. She is strong and she is beautiful inside and out. "She's My Icon."

Do you have a woman who inspires you? Tell Eileen Fisher about her and share your story here too.


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