Accidental Icon: Style Chameleon

Although I am going back to my basic black for this photo I am still committing to silk, flowing lines and a more sensual look than business as usual. Even in black I feel a kind of feminine sensibility that I want to keep indulging. I must confess it has been awhile since I felt this way. Never one to do more than slap some make-up on under poor lighting conditions, I have been doing some experimenting with beauty products in the pink family the results of which shall be revealed shortly. In short, paying more attention and care to the things that are "underneath" my clothes and on my face. This summer I have made the body that has been such a sturdy support in showcasing my clothing the star, rather than just the supporting cast.

I have been luxuriating in privileging this softer side. I wonder if it will follow me back to school or if I will revert back to the professor known for her "tough love", hard edge and directness. I have been fantasizing about how much fun it would be if James Pecis styled my hair the way he did for the Oribe shoot and I walked in with my hair like that for the first day of class and the first faculty meeting of the year. I SO SO want to do that!  Somehow I am feeling strongly that I am not returning as who I was when I left for the summer. Like a chameleon, I am not sure what color I will be until I enter the space. Not sure what social signals I will send. It will be an interesting evolution and makes thinking about going back and fall styling a more exciting proposition. 

Has your environment ever made you become a style chameleon?


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