Wednesday in the world of social media is known as “Hump Day”. Apparently if you can get over the “hump” of this day, the weekend is in sight and you are given a burst of new energy. I must confess I feel as though I am still climbing the hump a day later. I have two days of work that are full of university responsibilities to get through before I am far enough up the hump to look up and see the sky. As you might have surmised from my earlier post about hurricanes (which has now been upgraded to tornado status) it has been an exciting whirlwind this year of fashion week activities: photo shoots, fashion shows, new people and events. I will write about some of these experiences in the weeks ahead when the dust has settled and I have time to reflect. In the meantime I am taking a breath and looking ahead to the weekend when I can respond to your comments and most importantly have some thinking time. I envision wearing something old and comfy and turning off my phone. My very worn out but now soft jeans are calling my name. Today I need  to select an outfit that will pull me up and give me a little lift to get over the “hump”. Any thoughts?

Accidental Icon Wears

Jeans: Levi, Sheer Cardigan: Yohji Yamamoto, Silk Shirt: From Japan, Brown Leather Belt: Johnny Farrah, Brown Leather Mules: Dior (by way of of RealReal).

What do you wear when you need a “lift”?