One of the most wonderful outcomes of starting Accidental Icon has been the opportunity to meet other creative, diverse and smart women (and men) of all ages. A common denominator is that each one is involved in creating a modern and unique version of their self in the ever-shifting world of fashion. They are starting new businesses, taking risks to start a new spin or simply chasing a long cherished dream. They are changing the same tired conversations about fashion. Within this boundary breaking world of fashion people support and enjoy each other and generosity is the coin of the realm.

I had the good fortune to meet Cindy Weber-Cleary and Stephanie Stahl, the co-founders of the digital shopping destination, Apprécier, over coffee at Bouchon Bakery. Both women come to the enterprise with successful careers in the fashion industry. Apprécier is a French verb, meaning to appreciate, to enjoy, and to grow in value over time. Perhaps the best way to describe the site is that it is for women of any age who appreciates fashion and wants to evolve their style. The Apprécier women are living a life where although they love the aspirational looks they see on the runway, need to be more pragmatic about what they actually purchase and wear. The site includes lovely illustrations, interesting profiles and styling articles that make the site more like a magazine that coincidentally makes life easier and more fun by including shopping.

Hearing that I was a neophyte when it comes to the fashion scene, Cindy graciously offered to invite me as her guest to some shows and events during NYFW. Cindy was generous with her time, her attention and her introductions. I have to say she provided me with several “pinch me I’m dreaming” moments such as the one pictured above. During the course of our time together I learned about her successful career as a magazine editor and what it is like to start a business that requires you to translate what you already know into a venture that also includes many aspects you do not know! I learned about investors and affiliate marketing. I had a lesson in fashion magazine history and the current challenges faced by print magazines. I listened to what an editor thinks about and looks at while attending a fashion show and got to meet the two designers behind TOME, a brand I am in love with. I also got to bump “silver” heads with Linda Fargo from Bergdorf’s and the beautiful and gracious model Maye Musk.

Thanks Cindy and Apprécier for an inspiring NYFW experience!