All weekend long there were reports of a hurricane which actually never came. Predictions of rain and high winds luckily did not materialize in the city and I was able to proceed with all of the activities that would have been made much harder in the rain. One of the hardest adjustments to make as I wander into the world of fashion is the fast timeline of events and the pace at which everything happens and what seems like last minute scheduling. In contrast, I have my academic calendar well in advance and have ample time to prepare syllabi and courses so it is just the usual beginning of semester activities which are usually manageable.

I am not complaining mind you, but this year it feels like the convergence of the beginning of the semester and the arrival of fashion week is like those visuals on the weather channel of hurricanes that are over the sea but gaining strength as they hurl towards the land. At the beginning of the weekend I was acting and feeling like I would be hit full force by a hurricane of things to do, meetings to make, clothes to pick up and responses to interviews and emails. More the anticipation, rather than the actual reality and my ability to manage it, made me sloppy and prone to making errors. At the end of the day I got everything done with time to spare. What I learned this weekend is that it is more the thought of having so many things to do, rather than the actual things to do that is my problem. The answer of course is to slow down. So I chose this picture to remind me to be graceful, to glide rather than run through the next two weeks and most of all to have fun and enjoy my very full life. So back to the beauty and grace of Yeva Don’s flowing silk, a perfect garment for a moment of contemplation.

What do you wear when you need to slow down and enjoy what’s happening in your life, even when it is “hurricane” season.