Human, Simple and Real

I am not sure why but today I really felt like being a boy. Perhaps this longing is because of all of the menswear shows that have been passing in front of my eyes. The weather is cold. I really want to wear what my brothers and my boyfriends in college used to wear in the winter. The warm wools, sweaters, vests, pants and coats that drape the figures of the men walking across my screen are much more of a draw than the increasing references to SS 2017 womenswear that pops up as I try to read (without these uninvited interruptions) the reviews coming in from London and Milan. As boundaries blur, I do admit I find myself attracted more and more to what is being produced by designers in their menswear collections. I find I enjoy watching the videos of the shows much more than viewing still photos of each look. It is also interesting to me the kind of music that is chosen and who is cast to walk in the show and carry forward the inspiration and vision of the designer.

I feel a desire for, and my muse lately Miuccia Prada says it perfectly, “humanity, simplicity, reality”. This desire was the inspiration for her grounded and earthy corduroy and leather constructed collection for men with a few looks for women thrown in for good measure too. While watching the Prada show, accessories made of organic materials: twigs, crystals and shells as well as the silhouettes made me daydream about the 70’s. Vests, caps like John Lennon wore (in leather), pants, shirts, everyday sweaters were what my boyfriend and his friends wore to school. It just makes me feel grounded.

Also satisfying were the garments that came from the always nonchalant and elegant hand of Angela Missoni. Maybe it was the relaxed and slightly geeky look of the models, in the Missoni show , some wearing glasses, that attracted me. I do have to say though I felt a tactile desire to be wrapped in the layers of mohair, camel, alpaca and cashmere sweaters, jackets, pants and scarves like the men were. Maybe it was the satisfying checks and plaids and 70’s referenced look of the clothes. Maybe because the colors were dark and rich. Maybe it was the little bit of a Japanese influence with abstract and blurred patterns that recalled ‘kasuri' textiles. But I think it was because the caps were perfect, and just the right look for someone who felt like they wanted to be a boy.

Do you ever wear, or wish you could wear menswear?

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