Why I Need Cos Bar: Elevated Beauty for Those On the Go

You may have noticed that more and more I am writing about beauty as well as fashion. As mentioned before, my usual beauty ritual was washing my face, applying moisturizer and haphazardly slapping on foundation and blush. Part of the reason I never paid so much attention to beauty products is first, I was always skeptical about their claims and second, a skincare regime and the right kind of makeup application take time… something I am in short supply of, especially now.

However my experiences working with professional makeup artists, following Pat McGrath on Instagram and having my hair washed and styled by James Pecis during my Oribe shoot, have resulted in my now caring about beauty products and has stimulated a desire to search for the best because some of them really do what they say. So now I must have my Bobbi Brown Long Wearing Creme Eye Shadow Sticks, Linda Rodin Olio Lusso Body Lotion to use on my dry winter skin, and when my skin is really battered from the heat, La Mer Reparative Body Lotion. The hair is another story because it has become my signature. Though not at the point where I need to insure it, minimally I have to use good products! Consequently, my bathroom shelves have been cleared to make room for Oribe Silverati Shampoo and Conditioner, Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse and Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. Whether purchasing in brick and mortar or ordering on-line my new beauty habits still take too much of my time.

Until now. I found Cos Bar.  Cos Bar is a luxury multi-brand retailer and lucky for me an outpost has opened in NYC at Brookfield Place. I was invited to come for a visit and introduction and the first treat of the day was having my makeup done courtesy of Trish McEvoy. 

Not only does Cos Bar understand beauty, they also offer exceptional customer service and on-going events that allow you to experience beauty. Perfect for me is their “In a New York Minute” makeup lesson that teaches you how to apply your makeup at a pace that is absolutely essential for me as I run around town in my pj’s having a quick smoothie between teaching class, writing reviews and going to a photo shoot. You can run in for a mini facial, a glass of wine or champagne, try a new product, get an eyelash application and have tea with a skincare expert while making a plan to counteract how mean winter is to your skin. On Mondays head in to try out a new mask, like the ones from Nannette de Gaspe that come in such beautiful packaging I do not even want to open them. 

The staff and lovely manager get to know you and think especially of you as they are curating and deciding what to bring into the store. And here is the best, if you live close enough to the store in NYC, (and they have locations all over the U.S). you have free delivery, and if not, any orders over $49.00 are shipped free. In one session, either online or in-person, I can get everything I need and can head to my next appointment without being burdened with bags.

I left with a bag of samples of my favorite products and a gift card to encourage me to come back. No need for that because superior service, smart and discerning staff, one stop time-saving shopping, champagne and Tom Ford is all I need to entice me to return.

Thanks Cos Bar. See you again soon.

What are your favorite beauty products?

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