Ready to Ride


Last week the men's shows continued and have made their way to Paris. Now they are over and the couture shows are beginning. Some like Chanel and Dior will always have fantastical couture runway shows but others like Versace have decided to do private events for clients. Calvin Klein now under the creative direction of Raf Simons, announced Calvin Klein By Appointment, a made-to-measure service offering handcrafted pieces out of the NYC atelier. There are 14 different looks that can each be made especially and exactly for you. The designer Paul Smith had his first mixed gender show and nail art for men was a feature of the Balenciaga menswear show. Supreme, a streetwear brand collaborated with Louis Vuitton. It is not business as usual in fashion.

The overall assessment of the menswear shows by BoF was that they seemed to convey "an elevation of the everyday". Perhaps with all the uncertainty in the world right now and all the changes in the world of fashion it is understandable why shows and designers are getting back to reality. No fantasy, less provocation. The everyday is back to being acceptable. The everyday, the ordinary, the simple and the wearable is becoming much more attractive to consumers and lovers of fashion right now than the stylized, unattainable excess we usually see. 

It is a time where anything can happen in fashion because everything is changing. The usual variables associated with fashion are actually...well...really variable. These are the conditions that exist when change is most possible. An everyday person like you or me can be found to be interesting. So come hang out with me in the sun and get ready to ride.

What do you wear when you are "elevating the everyday?"


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