Today, as I sit down to write, it feels like everything familiar is shifting. Today I am standing on the edge of a predictable and known world and tomorrow will be stepping into one where anything, everything or nothing can happen. Rules are being broken everyday now in ways that further inclusion, such as in fashion, and in ways that oppress, such as in politics. There is a powerful defiant energy as the world responds and it is lifting that rebellious part of me up and carrying me on its wings. 

Within the midst of turbulence, creatives are inspired to offer us multiple ways to express our views, to participate in rebellious and defiant acts if we wish to and remind us through the powerful and sometimes horrible beauty of what is created that we must always have hope. Technology is the vehicle that amplifies our voices and unites us far beyond our small geographies. I find hope in the brilliant way technology is used by the designer Iris van Herpen who challenges us in her recent Couture collection to “mind the system but find the gaps”. I find hope in the collaboration between the New York City Ballet, choreographer Justin Peck and the fashion designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon called, “The Times Are Racing”. Dancers wore clothing marked “Defy” and “Protest” while supporting each individual and then assimilating them into the troupe. I experience hope in the incredible power of fashion to disrupt.  I experience hope in my personal power to disrupt.

How have you used fashion to disrupt?