Public Identity: Questions For a Woman in Motion

Perhaps the central question for us all, and certainly for fashion, is how do we keep a core public identity when the digital age demands a constant flow of images, concepts and content? How do you maintain an essential self when you are traveling through the internet at high speed and needing to deliver something new to attention spans that are a nanosecond long? How does that essence that is you, whether you are an influencer or a brand, not become split into so many fragments, for so many segments, that you simply disappear? 

 In the facilitating company of Tim Blanks, in an article for Business of Fashion, Miuccia Prada is taking on this very issue, somewhat late in the game compared to other brands. However as always, she brings her unruly genius and ironic sensibility to the question at hand. She frames the question as one that challenges us to find the line between being superficial and serious. The Prada woman as envisioned by this designer has always been a woman in motion, and as noted in the article this characteristic has challenged those marketers charged with developing a cohesive brand story. Her suggestion...less theory, more passion. More putting yourself out there.

This feels right. A focus on being human, relishing the materiality of humanity, of my own. Embracing the irresistible and transforming power of engagement with diversity. whether that be people or thoughts that are different than you and yours. Keeping your core but allowing yourself to be transformed as you are "in relation" with the internet, people, information and new and different ideas.  As my "public identity" continues to evolve and as a woman in motion, these attributes seem to be the building blocks of the reparative mindset I mentioned Monday and wish to cultivate as I travel faster and faster  through the digital world of fashion. 

Accidental Icon Wears:

Black Wool Jacket: agnès b, Pants: Moschino, Shoes: Y's, Black Suede Pleat Earrings: Aumorfia

How do you maintain your essential self yet still remain open to change?

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