All that Glitters...

 Photo by: Gaelle Leroye

Photo by: Gaelle Leroye

Recently I was asked to comment for a magazine on the sequin trend manifested throughout the SS2018 collections. I restrained myself somewhat, speaking and approaching the topic from a minimalists point of view.  However what came to my mind when viewing the looks was an image of glittery party girls with too much make-up and smudged lipstick who looked a bit brittle and seemed to be trying to hard.  Clearly an attempt to eject some fun and optimism in a time when many of us feel stressed and worried;  the more serious somber girls of last season were transformed by covering them with sequins sprinkled like fairy dust on shoes, shirts, skirts, tops, dresses and every other possible garment and accessories. Fashion can do better than that. Believe me I am quite optimistic in the midst of all this uncertainty and change, however I am also a pragmatist. Building cities of tolerance and creativity is going to involve some work. I for one am a fan of the small gesture or the detail and always go for comfort. My answer to how I would style sequins was to keep my somber grey, black and blue wovens and add sleeves (like Tom Ford), long fingerless gloves, leg warmers and perhaps one good pair of boots made exclusively with sequins. Sequins in my view should be seen and not heard. As the fabulous Dries van Noten says, fashion must make you dream but not be  just a fairy tale.

You might remember my trip to Montreal this summer where I was hosted by the lovely fashion journalist, Lolitta Dandoy and the Festival Mode Design.  Lolitta was kind enough to arrange some wonderful meals with inspiring people, a photoshoot showcasing a talented Montreal designer, Denis Gagnon and  provided a photographer who loves to play with light and texture, Gaelle Leroye. The designer took time from his busy life to join us and personally style our shoot. If you ever visit Montreal and are in the Old City, where these photos are taken, stop by his boutique where you can see his work and his collaborations with other designers. Lolitta and I have a long history (she did the first ever press piece on Accidental Icon) and her noticing me and seeking me out at an event in Montreal three years ago, gave me that last dose of courage to push the publish button on my very first blog post. She is a lovely person in every aspect of her being and it was such a inspiring experience to work with her on this shoot and to be interviewed by her at the Festival. 


Something about the way that this designer chose to "do" sequins, using earth tones, that cast some light, but not too much, on a serious subject like the lines and silhouette of this stunning black dress, made me feel a sense of hope and realness. I felt sexual without feeling exposed and glamorous without feeling like I was going outside my minimalist identity position. Most exquisite for me is the way there are patches of the fabric not covered in sequins giving the illusion of wear and a nod to someone having a  history. Adding what looks like a flaw to something as glamorous as sequins makes this exciting, interesting and different. Here fashion helps me to reflect the serious person that I am alongside the sparkle and light that ignites my famous "attitude". Re-visiting the happy memories from that weekend to write this post was a nice distraction from a very busy week ahead.

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How would you style sequins to suggest who you are?




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