This week I want to introduce you to an innovative Korean brand, Re;Code, that is the absolute embodiment of everything that my reset and three questions are about. To say they are inspirational does not quite capture the comprehensive and collaborative mindset and way they have of thinking and creating. Their philosophy, “This is not just fashion” is realized in the deconstruction of the name of the brand: Re; the re-created design inspired by a revolutionary thinking, Code: the new culture beyond the fashion, spreading the value of sharing and environmental concerns. Unlike the “impulsive” new I spoke about in this week’s earlier post, Re;Code designs newness without waste and with thought and care about the process and the people involved.

Based in Seoul South Korea, the eco friendly company accesses and uses discarded clothing and textile waste and reuses and recreates the materials in unique and creative ways. All products are produced in small quantities, and in limited editions, making this modern “couture” and  a unique design experience for the new owner. In the piece I am wearing in these photos., it is one of three, because each is artisan crafted there are subtle differences that make it truly unique. There is a small tag with a 3 that marks mine.

Inspired by the kind of material waste, different collections are formed. There are collections that use leftover stocks and used clothing. There is an industrial collection that uses seat covers, airbags and linings that are turned into bags, slippers and pillows as well as jackets and shirts. There is a military collection that uses parachutes, tents and uniforms to create both accessories and a clothing collection. Re;Nano uses fabric waste and scraps from other projects to transform everyday mass produced items such as a sweatshirt into something just a little more special.

Very exciting to me, is a line called Re;Collection, a personalized service where the brand will re-design old fashioned clothes that owners have emotional attachments to and do not wish to throw away. A new, more modern creation comes back allowing the owner to wear their memories in a new way. I am very excited to let you know that I have sent the brand three of my garments and for the next few Wednesdays will be sharing the process here as Re;Code transforms them for me into a new piece.

By their very nature because they are focused on the good of the group, the brand is often found collaborating with artists, performers and other designers around the world. Re:Code also works individually, and in collaboration with NGO’s, with asylum seekers and refugees. Through working in the brands creative studio and marketing team, independence and self-reliance is fostered and supported. The brand ethos and culture that espouses moving beyond fashion to promoting the value of sharing and environmental concerns is manifested in a year long education program for middle and high schoolers that teaches the basics of up cycling and exposes a new generation to what it means to be creative, innovative and eco-friendly.

Stay tuned for the story of my personal Re;Collection experience.

To find out more spend some time on the Re’Code website and let me know what you think.