So the rest of that sentence is … if you fully accept who you are and be your best self. For those of you who may not know, yesterday Elite Models Special Booking London announced that they had signed me. If anyone had told me when I wrote that first blog post that this could happen I never would have believed them. Every week Calvin and I went out and took pictures and every Monday I sat down and wrote from where I was at that day. No business plan, no real goals just putting it out and see where it took me. As time went on I took little risks, shooting in color not just black and white, taking my sunglasses off, and even decorating myself with kale and wearing green lipstick!  Point is nothing risked, nothing gained.

Somehow I feel that women like myself, and many of you who are my readers, are re-writing outdated scripts that tell older women, or any woman for that matter, how to perform their life, what you should or should not wear, when and how to stop working and what the word beautiful really means. I guess I was alluding to this when I spoke on Monday about being disruptive. To me that word means means (re)writing, telling and performing new stories when old ones don’t fit you anymore. This too is a personal choice, one I would never try to dictate. Part of being your true and best self is deciding you might not want to change anything at all and reasons for doing so can extend our conversations.

I was also proud this week to be part of the launch of the second rendition of the All Woman Project that further challenged fashion to honor the diversity of all women, regardless of their positionality. So once again I thank you for your unwavering support, your thoughtful comments and the way you have encouraged me as those risks were taken. Anything can happen when you have that kind of support in your life!

Thank you Miista for giving me the coolest boots to march into this new chapter!