The Wizard

Yesterday I wanted to feel real, vulnerable yet protected.  I wanted to be a woman in the city traveling through an ordinary day. I wanted to be the observer, not the one observed. I don't know how to use words to describe that feeling but I know that there are clothes in my closet that allow me to tell that particular story. 

It has been awhile since I have worn something by Yohji Yamamoto. I have been experimenting with satin, silk, brocade, cashmere, velvet, color and skinny jeans. Monochrome anonymity was calling my name. I looked through my closet and I pulled out a pair of voluminous overalls and a tailored white shirt with the sheerest of knit vests. My favorite pair of pants from my favorite designer; Yohji. Since it had been some time what was just astounding to me was how his clothing felt different than anything else I have been wearing lately.  Yohji's clothes are always a memory that are stored as a secret in my body, not in my mind.

There was a weight to the pants that made me feel grounded yet there was space and air between my body and the pants that made me feel like I could fly if I wanted to. The substantial textile shimmied around me as I moved and I had the sensation I was wearing a gown, even though I had on the most utilitarian of garments. I felt absurdly masculine yet intensely feminine at the very same time. The vest, also by Yohji had a band that circled only one of my arms making me feel like I was part of something, yet no one else was like me. How is it possible that a designer could animate a garment the way that Yohji seems to do?  Or is it something that Yohji and I do together, a dance of sorts?  All I know is that I felt like I was in in the company of wizard who somehow made my day magical.

Do you have a piece of clothing or favorite designer that makes magic happen for you?


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