Is there such a thing as jet lag for a blog? I have been anxious the last few days about not being able to do my regular posts in my regular time frame. There is something about the rhythm and continuity of keeping to a schedule that feels important to me now as life becomes faster and more full of exciting adventures. It feels like a commitment to you that I must honor and I could not wait until Monday to make contact even though Friday is usually the weekend bibliography. Despite all the other activities coming at me, my blog is the essence of my project and I worry that if I lose touch with it, I will lose touch with me.

Jet lag occurs when travelers suffer from disrupted circadian rhythms. Writing has become for me part of the physical, behavioral and emotional change that occurs during a 24 hour cycle. It has become an aspect of my “master” clock. Impacted by external cues, like sunlight, writing for pleasure and about fashion  for me is now an internal and external component of my circadian rhythm. Somehow I knew that my clock would not reset if I waited until Monday.

My dress is made of reflective material which is appropriate given my task this weekend. The photo is like I found Shanghai, modern but old. An in-between place where I felt very much part of.  I have much to process and am excited to share. It is also the end of the semester (two more weeks). Although busy, the academic calendar is also a clock of sorts and I am used to that pattern too. So in the meantime, despite my blog jet lag let me say it feels good to be home.