You Never Know Until You Try


As many of you know by now I have done a campaign with Mango. One of the fun things about it, aside from hanging out in Venice California and meeting an amazing team of creatives, was getting to style some clothes from the brand and create outfits of my choosing. As someone fairly new to the world of fashion, it means much to me when a client trusts me and gives me free reign to enact my own creative vision. It allows me to have the experience which is the reason why I wanted to do this to begin with and that is to exercise my creative wings. But it also creates some anxiety about doing something new.

So for the first challenge I decided to do streetwear and created my look for Subversive Glamour. It was pretty much centered around the T-shirt that said "Afraid of nothing" so I went for it! In creating this new look I asked myself the question, " Can someone wear Mango to a ball?" Oh indeed yes she can. I am in love with these trousers for many reasons: the high waist, the color black, the beautiful drape and the fact that they are made from recycled and sustainable textiles. Perhaps most importantly they make me feel glamorous, tall, elegant and like the belle of the ball. This time they were the center I then created around.

Sometimes I get a comment from a reader saying they would love to dress like me but cannot afford the clothes I wear. So I think the moral of these two posts are; if you are confident about who you are (flaws and all) and are willing to take a risk, personal style does not have to break the bank. We need to look past categories and labels and just let our instinct lead us to what attracts us. Like a magpie I was drawn to the metallics in my previous post, something I thought I would never wear. Who knew it would work. and it became one of my highest liked posts. So as the title of today's posts suggests...just do it!

Did you ever style an inexpensive piece that made you look like a million dollars?