Subversive Glamour

My apologies for being off my usual schedule. Fitting in everything and keeping priorities straight is important to me so after a one day "layover" at home on return from the  conference  at USC (which I will write about at some future point),  I took a two day trip with my daughter and granddaughter and I am sorry to say as much as I enjoy writing my blog posts they could not compete with my two girls. Tonight it is off to Shanghai and depending on whether or not I can get internet sorted out it may be at least a week before I can get back to my regular schedule. However I expect to return with many adventures in fashion to share with you.

But on to the topic of "subversive glamour"... I have to say I was inspired this week by the article in the fashion bib last weekend of the same name.  It was about the return of a Cartier collection first launched in the 1970's, Juste un Clou, better know as the "bent nail."  Motivated to elevate the everyday, the collection shows how a functional object can become beautiful and how an "old" collection can be revisited and become modern. As the article points out this re-visiting trend in fashion is not confined to Cartier and may be saying something about the nature of creativity.

The popularity of distressed jeans is evidence of this desire to return to the "old" as is the glitzy metallics this season that remind one (or some) of discos, Studio 54 and rhinestones. My styling challenge was to take everyday clothes like jeans, a t-shirt, a jacket with marvelous reflective capacity like a disco ball,  and somehow despite being relics of my past, make them modern and fresh. Somehow the re-visiting resurrected the fearless, risk taker I was in the 70's and the shirt was my favorite piece of the outfit (although the silver mules are pretty fabulous as well). I re-imagined that terribly bad attitude my mother was always telling me to get rid of. Surprisingly I did feel a little glamorous in a subversive kind of way despite the ordinary and comfortable feel of the pieces when worn individually. So as it should be in fashion I had fun and hope you always do too.

Have you ever felt subversively glamorous?